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Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio has been active since 1973. We currently serve children in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties and have active school programs in 8 different districts across the counties.

About Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio is transforming lives through mentoring: empowering youth, building futures, and fostering growth in our community.
Community Impact

Our History

Founded in 1973, the agency began for single parent families with the kids ages of 8-18, with a focus on males without fathers. At that time, Big Brothers, Big Sisters was only available for children in the Dover/New Philadelphia area. In 1982 the agency officially registered as ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio’ with the national program. Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central now serves children in Tuscarawas, Carroll and Harrison County.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

Vision Statement

That all youth achieve their full potential.

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to support our mission of empowering youth through mentoring.

Beverly Pearch headshot.

Beverly Pearch

President & CEO

Monique Duke headshot

Monique Duke

Director of Development & Administration

Mandy Thomas headshot

Mandy Thomas

Director of Programs

Noah Sugg headshot

Noah Sugg

Director of Marketing & Recruitment

Christine Lyon headshot.

Christine Lyon

Operations Assistant

Sarah Smith headshot

Sarah Smith

Mentoring Specialist

Sarah Slabaugh headshot.

Sarah Slabaugh

Mentoring Specialist

Missy Parrish headshot

Missy Parrish

Mentoring Specialist

Josh Cottrell headshot

Josh Cottrell

Mentoring Specialist

Board Members

Our board members are local advocates committed to supporting youth in our community.

Board Member, Denise McConnell headshot.

Denise McConnell

President of the Board

Kevin Warrene headshot.

Kevin Warrene

Vice President of the Board

Dan Long headshot.

Dan Long


Board Member, Harry Hopson headshot.

Harry Hopson


Donna Beitzel headshot.

Donna Beitzel

Corey Yoder headshot

Corey Yoder

Jordan Miller headshot

Jordan Miller

Alyssa Waller headshot

Alyssa Waller

Board Member, Lindsey Tidrick headshot.

Lindsey Tidrick


Here are some commonly asked questions about Big Brothers Big Sisters and their answers:

Who are the Big Brothers and Big Sisters in the program? What are their qualifications?

Our Bigs come from diverse backgrounds, just like our Littles. Just about anyone can be a mentor. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills, simply a caring heart, a good head on your shoulders, and the willingness to be a reliable mentor for a Little.. Current Bigs are teachers, business executives, police officers, healthcare workers, college students, retirees, laborers, and more.

In order to participate in community-based mentoring, you must be 18 years or older. However, if you are younger, you can still mentor in a school-based mentoring program. In relationships that have a high school student as a Big, not only does the Little thrive under the mentor’s positive influence, but the Big is also empowered by taking on the responsibility of serving as a mentor and a role model for someone else. This may be a great way for your high school children to get involved as well!

What are the expectations of being a Big Brother or Big Sister?

For Community-Based mentoring, the details are flexible, and it is the Big’s responsibility to coordinate mentoring sessions with the Little’s guardian. The minimum meeting requirements for Community-Based matches is to meet at least four hours each month, in the community.

When and where will I first meet my Little Brother or Little Sister?

For Community-Based mentoring, your Mentoring Specialist will set up a time and place for you to meet your Little. It is critical for the relationship that you arrive on time for the initial meeting to ensure the relationship gets off on the right foot. Your Little’s parent or parents will be present, so you have a chance to meet them, as well – and so they have a chance to meet you.

During the initial match proposal over the phone, you will have received information about your Little’s life situation in order to help prepare you for your match.

For School-Based mentoring, you will meet your Little at an introduction session to get to know each other.

How much money should I spend on my Little Brother or Little Sister?

The quality of time with your Little is more important than the amount of money you spend, which is why we don’t encourage spending a lot of money on gifts or outings. The goal of the relationship is to help your Little see the world through a different lens, so he/she can understand the potential that he/she has and join you in defending it. If you are going to spend money, we encourage you to seek out low-cost activities, especially in the beginning. You can:

  • Shoot hoops or have a catch at a local park
  • Play a board game or card game together
  • Fly a kite at the park
  • Go for a hike in an open area
  • Share a pizza that you were going to have for lunch anyway
  • Go out for ice cream

BBBSECO also offers group activities that are a great way to meet other Bigs and Littles, as well as occasionally has free (donated) tickets to cultural and sports activities for you both to enjoy.

What kind of support can I expect from Big Brothers Big Sisters once I get matched?

Once you are matched with your Little, a Mentoring Specialist from the agency will be in regular contact with you to provide assistance and to give feedback. Any time you are unsure about what to do or how to handle a situation, your Mentoring Specialist will be able to help. Your Mentoring Specialist can help you come up with ideas for activities, provide guidance for handling difficult situations, and give feedback on how you are making a difference. Please also feel free to reach out to your Mentoring Specialist with stories of successes and other milestones that your Little reaches! For School-Based mentoring, BBBSECO staff will always be on site while you are volunteering, so feel free to reach out to them at any time.

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