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There are many ways you can empower potential and support the urgent mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Whether you make a gift today, join us for a fundraiser, or work with us on an in-kind donation, your support is changing lives and allowing our children to own their potential!

Success Stories

Meet some of our amazing Bigs and Littles and read their story.
Josh and his Little Brother at a Bowling Event

Big Brother Josh and Little Brother Jaymis

Because of your donations… Big Brother Josh and Little Brother Jaymis embarked on an exhilarating journey atop a high ropes course, a thrilling match activity orchestrated by our agency. As they soared through the treetops, Big Brother Josh reflected on the profound journey they undertook together. Stepping bravely beyond their comfort zones, they discovered newfound strength and resilience, a testament to their unbreakable bond. This electrifying experience served as a poignant reminder of the depth of their connection, the unwavering love, and boundless support they wholeheartedly share.

Three hispanic Littles at summer camp.

Hispanic Mentoring

Because of your donations… Each year, BBBSECO ignites the spirit of adventure by offering captivating summer camp experiences to our Littles. However, our Hispanic Littles frequently find themselves yearning for such opportunities, often overlooked in the realm of summer programming. Thanks to our invaluable partnerships with various camps, we've shattered these barriers. Witnessing the transformative power of these experiences, our Hispanic Littles returned to school in the fall brimming with tales of their exhilarating adventures, radiating joy and newfound confidence.

Corey and his Little Brothers at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office.

Big Brother Corey and his Littles, Harley and Brandon

Because of your donations… BBBSECO has forged a dynamic partnership with the Tuscarawas County YMCA, amplifying the options for our Community Based matches to embark on exhilarating outings. In our rural expanse, opportunities for such adventures are scarce, but through this collaboration, the possibilities are endless. Take, for example, the inspiring journey of Big Brother Corey and his Littles, Harley and Brandon. They seize the vibrant energy of the YMCA to not only shoot hoops but also sculpt their bodies and minds, fostering confidence and honing skills that will propel them toward success.

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Patterned tile line in black and green.
Patterned tile line in black and green.