Pam Taylor wins 2024 Ohio Big Sister of the Year

Big Sister, Pam Taylor, and her Little Sister posing for a picture.

New Philadelphia, OH, April 4, 2024 —

“Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio is proud to announce that a local Big has been recognized at the state level. Pamela Taylor, a dedicated mentor in our program, has been awarded the title of 2024 Big Sister of the Year. Pamela’s commitment to her Little, Aubrianna, exemplifies the true spirit of mentorship. This is the 3rd time in 4 years that the local agency has produced a Big of the Year, as Brittany Douglas and Dan Warther were previously given this award in 2020 and 2023.

Missy Parrish, Mentoring Specialist, notes, ‘Pam is very supportive of Aubrianna and her family. She has grown to know and love them all. Aubrianna has the biggest smile, and she lights up when she is with Pam. Pam intuitively knows how to help Aubrianna thrive, and she has encouraged her to participate in school activities like Power of the Pen and the Yearbook Club. Aubrianna has flourished in her Middle School environment where we see many kids struggle.’

Pam Taylor’s journey as a Big Sister began in May 2021, sparked by the profound impact she witnessed her husband make on his Little. Inspired by the desire to contribute positively to a child’s life, Pam, with a heart full of compassion, embarked on this meaningful journey. Her first match was with a 16-year-old pregnant Little in desperate need of support and guidance. Drawing from her own experience as a young mother at 16 with years of expertise working with teenagers in teaching and crisis centers, Pam offered unwavering support until her Little graduated from the program in April 2022.

Pam felt she had more support to give to another child as well, so she enrolled in our school-based program in December 2021, connecting with 11-year-old Aubrianna. This young girl, struggling with shyness, low self-esteem, and the challenges of her parents’ separation, found a steadfast ally in Pam. Pam’s commitment went beyond the weekly school meetings, as she recognized the need for additional support outside the program. In May 2022, Pam transitioned to a community-based match with Aubrianna, ensuring their bond could flourish beyond school hours.

Pam’s dedication to Aubrianna is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Together, they explored various activities, uncovering Aubrianna’s talents and passions, from baking to photography. Pam’s advocacy reached new heights when she encouraged Aubrianna to become the ‘volunteer photographer’ at BBBSECO agency events, showcasing her commitment to fostering confidence and growth. In the face of adversity, Pam stands as a fierce advocate for Aubrianna, especially in combating bullying at school. Over the past year, their journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Aubrianna, once a shy and uncertain 5th grader, has blossomed into a confident young woman with a multitude of interests and hobbies—a transformation that speaks volumes about Pam’s impact. Aubrianna speaks about Pam’s dedication to their match, ‘My Big supports all of my various hobbies and goals for the future. I told her that my dream is to take a gap year, adopt a cat, and travel the country working from home in a built-out bus before starting college. I know for sure that she will be by my side helping me with anything that might come in the way of that dream.’

Pam demonstrates a commendable commitment to the mentoring program at our school, extending her support not only to her assigned Little but also to all participating Littles. Each week, she enhances the program by providing additional crafts and games, ensuring that all Littles have engaging activities. Furthermore, she willingly offers extra assistance to any Little who may find themselves without their designated mentor, exemplifying her dedication to the overall well-being of the participants.

Pam’s impact extends beyond her direct involvement in mentoring. Her persuasive influence prompted her sister to join our program. Pam facilitated her sister’s introduction to the initiative by attending one of our structured ‘mentor meet-ups,’ where she engaged with our staff to gain insights into the program. Subsequently, Pam’s sister decided to participate in mentorship alongside Pam and her husband, joining both school-based and community-based programs to get the most out of her match. Her boundless dedication to our agency is evident in her efforts to recruit family and friends as Bigs, as well as her enthusiastic participation in unique fundraisers, including our brutal nine-ton sauerkraut-making event. An event most people turn their noses up to due to the manual labor and the fact that the sauerkraut is made outside in a barn in the middle of summer. Pam is always there with a hairnet and a smile ready to get to work. On top of her sauerkraut-making abilities, Pam’s caring heart shines brightly each year as she devotes hours to crocheting hundreds of hats and scarves for our Littles, exceeding expectations with her commitment. Beyond that, her creativity extends to refurbishing baby dolls and sewing clothing for them, all donated to bring joy to the lives of our Littles.

Pam Taylor is not just a mentor; she is a force of kindness, compassion, and unwavering support. Her involvement extends beyond the realm of BBBS, as she actively contributes to local charities like Share-A-Christmas and teaches Sunday School at her church—dedicating her all to making a positive impact on the lives of those around her. Pam’s story is a beautiful testament to the profound difference one person can make when they give wholeheartedly to the service of others.”

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